Service Level Agreement

Network Access Availability

Naftalie .NET's network access availability objective is to have connectivity available 100% of the time. Network access unavailability consists of the number of minutes that Naftalie .NET's network connectivity is not available to you ("the customer", "you", "your"). Network access availability is measured from the point where your traffic enters the Naftalie .NET network up to the point where your traffic leaves the Naftalie .NET Network and enters the network of any other carrier or third party including third party data transit ("loops"., "local loops") mediums. Network downtime is calculated commencing on the date and time on which Naftalie .NET opens a trouble ticket and ending on Naftalie .NET's confirmation that the Naftalie .NET network is restored. If Naftalie .NET does not meet the 100% target for network access availability, as your sole and exclusive remedy, Naftalie .NET will, upon written notice from you, credit your account for each cumulative hour of network access unavailability or fraction thereof in any calendar month, the prorated charges for two hours of the Naftalie .NET monthly recurring charges for the network access services under the applicable service order, not to exceed one month.s charges for network access services in that service order period ("term").

Revised: Friday, May 19th, 2017